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Maybe this will be your first time in front of the camera and your a little unsure about a few things. Maybe you have done this a million times and you just wanted to know how I operate! Both are valid and answers to your questions can be found here. 

What do I wear?

Attached here is an amazing little pamphlet that acts as a guideline to help lead you in the right direction when it comes time to pick what to wear. I know it can be one of the most stressful parts of the whole photoshoot journey but I promise this will help make the decisions a little easier!

What do you mean "Walkable"?

When I say 1 location (walkable) I mean we will be shooting in one location that we meet at. We will then be able to walk around and find new scenes to shoot in. This works well with an outdoor scene or a city scape scene. This won't apply to studio sessions as we will only have access to the studio space purchased. 

(Keep in mind the walking time is included within the time frame just as the time you take to change outfits is included as well)

Additional payment would be added for a second location that would require us to drive to the new location. This allows us to pause the shooting time-frame to get to the new location where the time will resume. 

How long is your turn around?

I always aim for around a 1-2 week turn around for my general shoots and a 4-6 week turn around for weddings!

Depending on the season this may fluctuate, always be sure to ask me if you're curious!

How many images will I get in return?

This all depends on the shoot! I don't like to limit myself or limit the amount of images you have access to. Therefor I return all FINAL edits, that means all of the images produced from this session will end up in your gallery! This number changes depending on the time-frame of each shoot but an hour long shoot can expect anywhere from 50-150 images back!

How will I have access to my images?

Each session will receive their own personal online gallery that I deliver through an app called Pic-Time. This gallery will come with it's very own print shop where you can create and purchase your own customized prints, albums, frames, etc.! This is my suggested way to print these images, though once you download the images you have the rights to print through whatever source you would like! 

This gallery will expire at different times depending on the session you book, so be sure to check on that! I suggest downloading all images on multiple devices once you receive the gallery to avoid losing any!

How do printing rights work?

For each session or wedding you will sign a contract with me and in there states that you are given printing rights to the images.This means you have rights to "print" for personal uses ONLY such as family albums, grad cards, personal social media posts, etc.!

Therefore these images technically cannot be used by you for monetary gain through commercial use such as a business ad, a magazine or things like that without prior approval from muah! If you're planning on using these images like this you would then need to purchase the copyrights to the images from me giving you full ownership and access to the images!

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