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Packages & Pricing

* All prices are subject to change due to travel, group size or any other reason, be sure to inquire to receive your exact price!*
Citrus Fruits

WEDDINGS - $1500

This is the starting package price for weddings! Contact me with more details and we will figure out the package for you!

Elopement - $600

Tying the knot with your loved one doesn't always have to be a spectacular show or something you want to share with everyone. Just you, your partner and a beautiful location (maybe a few family and friends)! Either way, I'll be there to capture the memories so you can cherish them for the rest of your forever<3


Engagement Session - $250 

This may be your surprise engagement moment or post "YES!", these photos will capture your love and passion in a way that speaks for you! 

Family Shoot - $250

Bring all your loved ones and receive a lovely session of family photos! Inquire about this session to find out what it includes!


Couple Session - $200 

You and your significant other wanting some professional photos done to showcase your love? Well inquire with this package and we will get the best photos for you!

Senior Session - $175

About to start your senior year?! Well you might need some amazing photos to capture this awesome time in your life! Starting here we can work out the best look for you!


Single Portraits - $175

Want some awesome pictures to post to the gram? Maybe your mom just wants a pretty picture of you to hang on the wall! Either way, starting here at $175 we can work out the style of shoot that works best for you!


I am here to photograph YOU and the ones you love! Ask me about the shoot that you are wanting and if it isn't mentioned above we can work a price out! I am down to be creative and shoot anything!

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